Gareth takes his life back for a refund. Luckily for him, shop assistant Ashley and manager Janice have a rare deal on offer.

The 10-minute play "A Life-Changing Experience" was performed in the Short Cuts festival at the Hen & Chickens, London, from 1st-7th July 2013, directed by Sharon Burrell. The actors were Chris Polick, Kate Nieland and Amy Tobias (see photos top and right).

It was also staged in Cranbrook, Kent, in 2013. The director was Louisa Nelson-Chambers and the actors were Vicki Tinckler, Val King and Geoff King (see photo left).

The play was performed again in the Jensen Fest in New York from 13th to 16th July 2017.

Left: Val King and Geoff King in the Cranbrook Shorts, Kent, 2013.

Right: Kate Nieland and Chris Polick in rehearsal for the Short Cuts festival, London.

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