Daniel and Sophie meet in a pub to discuss a possible merger. It soon becomes clear that love and sex will be key catalysts for launching the new partnership.

The 10-minute play "Merger Talks" was selected as a winner in the Pint-Sized Plays competition 2009 and performed in pubs in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Sophie was played by Teifi Emerald and Daniel by Paul Williams, and the director was Christine Willison. The play was then performed at the Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard (see video below). 

It was also selected for the Bare Bones nights and performed at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London, in 2010. Sophie was played by Michelle McMahon and Daniel by Stephen Barden, and the director was Lora Mander. The evening received a 5-star review on Remotegoat.

In 2016 the play was performed by British Shorts at El Esconditeatro, Madrid. Sophie was played by Holly Wilson and Daniel by Adam Quintero-Young, and the director was Libby May Small.

It was staged again in the Jensen Fest in New York from 13th-16th July 2017.

It was also read at Actors and Writers London on 26th March 2018 by Olivia Busby and Stephen Riddle. The director was Anthony Shrubsall.



                                                                      Holly Wilson and Adam Quintero-Young in Merger Talks in Madrid.

                                                                              Olivia Busby and Stephen Riddle in Merger Talks at AWL, London.

VIDEO: "Merger Talks" at the Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard, in 2009. 

The full script and other winning plays are available in

"Pint-Sized Plays Volume 1". Click on the picture for the link:

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