The 10-minute play "Outback" was written on the spring 2014 Royal Court writing programme. It was given a rehearsed reading at Open Ealing by Andrew Loudon and Mary Drake, directed by Anthony Shrubsall. It was voted the winner on Competition Night at Actors and Writers London; the actors were Andrew Loudon and Nadia Ostacchini, and the director was Hayward Morse. It then had a rehearsed reading at the Write Angles festival, Southend, in 2015; the actors were Alan Thorley and Amanda Whiteford, and the director was Janet Tomkins.

The play had a full production in Short(s)Wave at the Bread & Roses Theatre in London in 2015; the actors were Robert Blackwood and Samantha Hopkins, and the director was Anthony Shrubsall.

A 60-minute version of the play called "Gut Feeling" was given a rehearsed reading at Actors and Writers London in 2017; the actors were Andrew Loudon and Leonora Fyfe, and the director was Hayward Morse. 

"Gut Feeling" was shortlisted for the London Horror Festival in October 2017.

See below for an excerpt from "Gut Feeling":

Above: Andrew Loudon and Nadia Ostacchini rehearsing for Outback. Photo courtesy of Paddy Gormley.

Right: Robert Blackwood and Samantha Hopkins rehearsing for Outback . Photo courtesy of Anthony Shrubsall.

Below: Leonora Fyfe and Andrew Loudon rehearsing for Gut Feeling. Photo courtesy of Paddy Gormley.


JENNY:              Gough?

GOUGH:            Yes, Jenny?

JENNY:              Tomorrow could you take me to the creek? We’d be careful of the crocodiles, of course!

GOUGH:            I guess so, if you wanna…

JENNY:              We could have a picnic lunch. Stretch out under a tree, just the two of us. Can we, Gough?

GOUGH:            It’s a great idea, Jenny. I’d really like that.

JENNY:              And when we get back, in the evening… we can eat the croc you killed.

GOUGH:            Do you… really want to?

JENNY:              Yes, I’d like to try it! The kangaroo was delicious.

GOUGH:            Well, I… guess so.

JENNY:              And the dingo the day after? And the possum the day after that?

GOUGH:            Sure, why not… We could eat a different animal every day!

JENNY:              (Laughs) For the rest of our lives!

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