Forget governments - these days anyone can spy on you. Your boss. Your spouse. Or that weirdo at the pub. All they need is a drone. But who would spy on Matt? He's just an ordinary guy...

"Drone" was first performed in the Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival at Chelsea Theatre, London, in 2015. Justin Marosa (below) played Matt, and the director was Stuart Black. The play was staged again, by the same performer and director, in Short(s)Wave at the Old Red Lion Theatre, London, in 2016, and in the One Festival at The Space, London, in February 2016. They did another performance in Alone inside the Box at the Bread & Roses Theatre, London, in July 2016, with Romeo Mika as assistant director. The play was staged by Redact the Abstract at The Craftory, London, in 2018, starring Christopher Birks as Matt. It was staged by Grin Theatre, Liverpool, in 2019, and then in 2021 in the Monolith showcase in London, starring Lisa Gorgin, directed by Adele James and produced by Justin Marosa.

"Drone" has also been published online as a short story by Fictive Dream. You can read it here.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Eirini Dermitzaki

"The highlight is without a doubt Tom Jensen's deliciously ambiguous Drone"

Review of "Drone" by view from the gods in Programme C of the One Festival at The Space, London

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